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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Success Solutions and Recovery Services for Executives

Grey Matters International & Dr. Kevin Fleming present cutting-edge guidance, coaching and mental health recovery services for corporate level executives worldwide..  


Corporate executive coaching and career guidance success

Welcome to Grey Matters International . . . where we bring cutting-edge success-based services to corporate executives and aspiring professionals worldwide for over 10 years.  At the hands of the renowned Dr. Kevin Fleming and the notable support staff of clinicians and advanced practitioners, an array of exclusive and highly effective services are made available to those in high-demand career positions.  Through a series of advanced, cutting-edge neuro-based applications, lives are changed and dreams are attained on a one-to-one basis.

  • Exclusive Executive Level Coaching
  • Overcoming Life & Career Burnout
  • Advanced Addiction & Alcoholism Solutions
  • Neuro-based Mental Health Solutions
  • Integrative Relationship Improvement (couples, families & colleagues)
  • Total Life Enhancement Solutions

Dr. Kevin Fleming Executive High-End Level Career Coaching and Addiction Treatment Services


How do you know when you're working with the finest professionals within a given industry?  If you're reading this page you're most likely a high-level corporate or in some similar type of life situation.  Maybe you're a politician or a professional athlete or even an actor/actress or something of the like.  Whatever the case, chances are that due to various unique aspects inherent to your career and/or lifestyle, which are well off the beaten path of the traditional 9 to 5 middle-class existence, you require a higher level of care that involves certain qualities.  Such examples might consist of:
  • Utilizing advanced neuro-based protocols that have shown improved levels of success
  • Highly private and discreet services provided in varied settings worldwide
  • Truly customized approaches on multiple levels
  • Overlapping services that touch many areas of your life, career, state of mind, relationships, etc.
  •  A full spread of ancillary coaching, recovery and life-guidance services that bring it all full-circle!

Executive Coaching and Life Guidance Addiction Treatment

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